The Countdown


In one week, Frozen Hearts, will be released. This will be my first novel. I’ve had a few short stories released but this is the first story that isn’t part of an anthology. The best thing was getting my own cover. To say I was happy when the art work showed up in my email is a freaking understatement. All right, I may have cried…just a little…

The story focuses on Erik Fox, the best college hockey player in the nation. He’s hanging up his skates because he’s tired of living a lie. Five years ago, Erik was forced by his father to change schools in the middle of the night when his father found out about his indiscretion. Erik had a boyfriend and hockey players do not date boys.

With his college career over, Erik is determined to change his life. Can Erik make peace with the boy he left behind and find the life he wants to live, or is he going to fold under the pressure from his father and everyone else who thinks he is defined by the game of hockey.

Next week when the book releases, I will be at a hockey game. Pretty fitting.

Xo Teegan Image


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