What’s Next


So, Frozen Hearts releases in a few days and I just sent off Echoes of Us to a beta. That means I’m trying to decide what project is next for me. I’ve been playing around with a vampire idea for a short story. I haven’t written paranormal for a while. I can feel it tugging me back. BUT I also have young adult story that is almost complete. The thing is sitting at 52k. I figure it needs another 30k and it would be finished. OR I could go back to my other young adult, because apparently now, 19 yr olds exist in writing. The powers that be have created a category called New Adult. OR I have a loose layout for a another novel that takes place on the ice again. OR I could just stare at pretty pics on my computer screen. It’s good to have ideas and projects waiting in the wings, but now I need to figure out which one is calling to be written. Maybe I should just throw all the stories in a hat and pick one. How do you decide what to write next? Or what do you want to read next?
Xo Teegan
I’ll be spending the day deciding. I’ll let you know my decision. Unless anyone has suggestions. pencil


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