The Obsession of Numbers


I have become obsessed with numbers lately.


I suppose it has to do with the recent release of Frozen Hearts. I mean, it’s my first full length novel. Who can blame me. There’s numbers everywhere. The book was ranked on Silver’s website. It got as high as #2, which made me squeal really loud, and take a picture of the screen. There’s numbers at Amazon and Amazon UK and Barnes & Noble and Kobo & Goodreads and on and on. Hit refresh and they change. The one bad thing about all these numbers is they aqre taking time away from the most important number. My word count is stagnant. Don’t even get me started on the reviews. There’s been good reviews and weird reviews and reviews that make me want to reach through the miles of internet and smack someone.

So….all this shit is taking precious time away from my writing. This is no time to rest on my laurels. There are more stories to be told, so I need to erase all the numbers from my head and move forward with new stories. On Sunday, I did submit my music boys, so now I’m playing the waiting game with that story. I suppose it will be six to eight weeks of wait time. During the wait, I would like to finish at least one story. I currently have hmmm…let’s count…

1. Another story that will bring us back to the ice…no, it’s not a continuation of Frozen Hearts

2. A story that’s been written once, but is being rewritten, because apparently, it is now okay to write about 19 year old people. A few years ago, they didn’t really exist in the publishing world. I got hollered at and told to rewrite it as a young adult. I wasn’t pleased It’s an Urban Fantasy

3.  A goofy m/m vampire story

4. a menage story…so many body parts…never written anything like that before. It’s interesting.

5. A hetro-vampire story

6. A young adult paranormal story that needs about 30k to wrap up the first book…I know what’s going to happen, I just need to write the words

I think that’s about it right now. I suppose if I searched through my documents, I might find other unfinished stories. It’s a bit crazy.

I guess what I’m trying to tell myself is the only numbers that are important are my word counts..I wanna see them go sky high!

Now I need to toss all the stories into a hat and pick one to complete…Write on.

Xo Teegan



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  1. Did that help, getting it all out? I hope so. 🙂 I’ll help you as much or as little as you need. Everything that comes out of your amazing mind is awesome!

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