Following Directions? I Suggest Minions


Holy Crow… I freely admit that I do not like to spend a lot of time following directions. Most of the time, they just confuse me. Well, in the world of publishing you must either have minions to do your bidding or read all the directions yourself. I personally recommend the minions.
However, since I do not have minions (yet) it is up to me to muddle through the world of publishing directions. Yes, I just submitted a story tonight. Yes, I probably fucked up the format and it will be rejected because I cannot follow directions.
I’ve spent the last two days editing the story. I don’t know about you, but when I write something and then have to go back and reread, fixing things and adding commas as I go…by the time the story is complete, I’m absolutely positive it’s the worst thing on the planet and that every single person who reads the first word will hate it. The whole “why bother” with it, comes into play. I then have to spend several hours convincing myself that it is okay to fail but in order for anything to happen, I have to let go of the piece and submit.
Then I’m hit with the directions. I stare at the long paragraph and groan because every single publisher and agent have different requirements for submissions. This is where the minions would be useful. Instead of spending two hours trying to figure out exactly how to set up the document for this particular person, the minions could do that for me and I could happily start working on a new piece for another submission…which I will hate and ….good grief, it’s a vicious cycle…But….I’m a writer…It’s what I do

Xo Teegan


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  1. Can I have some minions too? Then while work in all the technical crap, you and I can sit back and do shots of some horrifically good tequila. 🙂

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