Turning over a New Leaf


It’s almost fall, so I guess it’s time to turn over a new leaf and fill people in on what’s happening in my writing world. Plus I really need to blog regularly. When I stay away too long, I can’t remember how WordPress works.Image

My big news is I have a new novel coming out with Dreamspinner Press. Very excited to work with them again. I haven’t been given an exact date, but the book will come out in November/December. I have completed the first round of edits and started work on choosing the cover art. They sent me three choices and I ooohed and aahed over them.

Here I am rambling along and I haven’t even disclosed the name of the book. Echoes of Us  is a story about hitting it big in the music business. Rylan and Jade sign a deal with a huge music company but it comes with a price. They are told not to disclose their relationship to the public. Can their relationship survive the scrutiny of the public, fake girlfriends, and the pressure to conform? Or will the lure of fame and money corrupt their love and rip them apart?

So, I just wanted to get that information out there. Next blog entry I’ll talk about writing the story and I’ll leak a few things that inspired me as I wrote Rylan and Jade’s story

It’s good to be back

Xo Teegan


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