I think that new leaf I tried to turn over crumbled and died. Things in my writing world have been in chaos the last few weeks and it’s been affecting my writing and everything else. Blah. Image\

So, with that said, it’s time to move forward, which in my world means I have to make a list. I must admit I’ve been putting it off for days because seeing the actual words on a piece of paper that’s ten feet long makes me nervous. Plus it means committing to clearing the list. Maybe tomorrow, after I write the list, I’ll go buy these Doc Martens I’ve been dying to own. .Image

Shoes always make me feel better & these could also be used to kick someone who really deserves a F8cking kick. Just so you know, I have a vague release date for Echoes of Us…November! Squeeee! I’ll reveal the cover as soon as I get the final artwork, but right now I’m going to get started on my To Do List.

Xo Teegan

Turning over A New Leaf…before it dies…


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