PrOMO is DriviNg Me maD


It’s that time again…I must write another post…I guess it’s better than trying to move forward in a new story I’m working on. All I do is rewrite the beginning over and over and over and over. I also had to write a biography in the third person about me. I think I’ve lost my funny lately. Everything sounds dry and dreary. I think it’s because I’m trying to put together all this promotion junk for the release of my upcoming book Echoes of Us. Clearly I need to contact my alma mater and tell them my degree in Advertising seems to be useless. I can’t even design a logo to brand me. And yes, I also have a degree in Graphic Design. 

Let’s go inside my brain for a few minutes and I’ll let you be the judge. It’s so obvious I’ve gone off the deep end. Now I know why a lot of writers enjoy having an agent. Here’s what’s been happening. A lot of writer’s go on virtual tours (blog tours) before and during the release of a new book. Well, I’m the new kid who just showed up and doesn’t have a clue what to do. I’m probably wearing the wrong shoes. I’m not the sort who can walk up to a stranger and start up a conversation. I’m more the I’ll hide behind this giant potted plant until lightning strikes and I’m forced to move sort of person. That really doesn’t work if you’re trying to get the word out about your new book. 

Another thing a lot of experienced authors talk about is give-aways. It’s a swell thing, but I don’t know how to do it. Lame, I know. And swag. That gets mentioned a lot, which goes back to the fact I haven’t designed a logo yet. So, beside giving copies of books away, I thought about other things…like since Echoes of Us is about music, I could send out a necklace with a charm to winners of some sort of contest..



They’re kind of cute and easy to make. But people might think it’s weird and who wants a stupid necklace anyway. Would it really remind someone of my book or would people think I play the french horn or something. I do play the piano. I have bigger charms that could hold a teeny, tiny copy of the cover of the book, but that seems sort of pretentious. Who’s going to wear a charm with naked guy chests and my name. It really is a lovely cover and I’ll do a reveal when the final artwork is returned to me. For now, I guess you’ll have to take my word. 

 Are you getting a clear picture of how scrambled my brains have become. It’s so bad, I’m having a hard time writing new stuff or finishing old stuff, which I should totally do because my laptop is overflowing with unfinished shit. And NANO is coming soon. Plus Real Life tends to get in the way. I really should wash my floor today. It’s bordering on GROSS. 

So….if anyone has any suggestions, I would gladly be open to them and now I must end this post because I need to sift through 347 emails. And go buy milk and my car needs gas. Maybe I’ll rewrite the beginning of the yet-to-be-named story I’ve started or restarted or…fuck, I should just go back to bed. 

xo Teegan 


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  1. Oh, Teegan, you poor thing. You really are in a state, aren’t you? 🙂 my only advice is to tackle each thing one at a time. You can only do so much.

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