My Days as a Wrestling Cheerleader


After a long few days of reading the galley edits for Echoes of Us, I decided to indulge and read a short book. I just finished a lovely novella called Superhero by Eli Easton…First off, I am not a reviewer nor am I going to review the story, but just so you know, it made me squeal with delight. It also brought something I haven’t thought of in a long, long time to the forefront of my mind. I mean, I have no reason to think about the days that I was a wrestling cheerleader. Snort. I know, right. I wore a tight maroon sweater and short little skirt with knee socks and tennis shoes to match. And we cheered on the boys in those wonderful outfits called singlets that left nothing to the imagination. I think this may have been the place where the pervy side of my personality woke up. It was hard (insert joke) not to look. Er, discreetly, of course. Okay, there was probably giggling…a lot of giggling and snickering, but we were teenage girls. It happens.

We shouted cheers about pinning people to the mat and rolling them over for the win. Now, if I said something like that people would think I was talking nasty. HAHAHAHAHA… except my friends. They’d give me the eyeball and ask me to point out the cute guy I was scoping on. So thanks, Eli Easton, for reminding me of my time as a wrestling cheerleader. It was eye-opening! Oh, and go read the book…I told you, it made me giddy.

Xo Teegan 


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