The Final Countdown


Crap, now I have that song in my head. And I had to look up which band sang the song. It’s Europe, in case your brain is failing like mine seems to be doing lately. 



That’s one big number Seven! I really need to take the time to figure out this WordPress blog thingy. If you’re wondering what the big 7 stands for….well, Echoes of Us comes out in seven days and I’m excited, nervous, paranoid, thrilled….the list could go on forever because the emotions change quickly. I am really excited for everyone to meet Rylan & Jade & Maggie Mae & Mrs. Morgan…there are a few characters I could live without, but it wouldn’t be the same story if they weren’t around. Pretty sure there are characters in almost every book I’ve read that I could do without…I really disliked Wormtail in the Harry Potter series. The guy betrayed his friends.  

Clary’s mom in The Mortal Instruments ticked me off because she hid the truth from Clary. But a lot of people keep things tucked away and finding out who she is, was a part of Clary’s life journey. 

I have a feeling that Veronica Roth, author of Divergent & Insurgent, is going to piss me off when I finally get around to reading Allegiant. Most of her characters made me mad at one time or another during both books. They all do dumb stuff. But at least the characters on the page came to life enough to draw emotions from me. There’s nothing worse than one dimensional characters. 

Echoes of Us is currently available on the Dreamspinner website for pre-order.

Tomorrow, I’ll be revealing the photos of Rylan and Jade that I stared at when I wrote their story

Xo Teegan 


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