Six Days Away….


Six days until the release of Echoes of Us 


Today I’m going to introduce my main character to you. When I start working on a new story, the first thing that happens is I name the main character. The first name is always easier than the last name. I knew I wanted to name my MC, Rylan, so I combed sports team rosters to find a suitable last name. After he has a name, the next step is picturing him in my mind. I knew I wanted him blond and one day, while I was lost on Tumblr, the picture below popped into my feed and I found my Rylan. I have no idea who this is, but he’s perfect. 


Once a picture is found, things move quickly. It’s much easier for me to visual him as a real person now. I created his family and that set up the opening scene of the book. Rylan left the family farm immediately after he graduated from high school. He never came out to his family, but they all knew and didn’t offer any support to him. He moved to Chicago to attend college and met his best friend, Maggie Mae Stewart. And yes, she is named for the song by Rod Stewart. The book opens with Rylan going home for his mother’s 50th birthday celebration. He drags Maggie along and things do not go well for him. 

My journey writing Rylan was fun and heart-wrenching and satisfying. I can only hope that for those who choose to read Echoes of Us will fall in love with Rylan too. Tomorrow, I’ll introduce Jade. 

Xo, Teegan




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