Introducing Jade…


Eep, 5 days away from the release of Echoes of Us… 



Another giant photo…bwahahaha…So, today, I promised to introduce Jade Marin. Don’t crucify me when you see the picture I used for inspiration. I know it’s Zac Efron. 



This photo matched with the image in my brain for Jade. Anyways, since the story is told from Rylan’s POV we don’t get a lot of background on Jade. We do know he doesn’t speak to his family. If I remember correctly, his parents are deceased. I should check my notes before I write these posts, and I know people are rolling their eyes and thinking “she wrote the fucking book, how could she not know her characters?” Let me remind everyone that I wrote Echoes of Us several months ago. In between then and now, I’ve written an entire novel called Picks & Pucks and am knee deep in another new story. None of the stories are related. Hence, character overload. Okay, back to Jade. We meet Jade after he has broken up with his girlfriend and moves in with Rylan and Maggie. Here’s a snippet from Rylan: 

But this was Jade, who had quickly found a special place in my life. Images floated through my head. He was the guy who ate chocolate cereal with me after we’d been on a ten-mile bike ride. He was the guy who sat on the deck with me and listened to me shout at the imaginary characters when they wouldn’t cooperate in my stories. He was the guy who lay on my bed and wrote songs with me with his ankle hooked around mine. And every time I tried to shift away from him, he mirrored my movements, never letting me get too far away. All the random touches, the wrestling, the shoulder bumping, and the shy smiles started to add up in my head. 

Awww, sweet boys…So, if this has sparked your interest, their story is available for pre-order at Dreamspinner

Xo Teegan 


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