Soooo….tomorrow is release day for Echoes of Us. I’ll admit I’m nervous. Earlier today I received an email from All Romance E-books telling me the book was available for purchase. I clinked the link and an error message popped up. I searched the site and the book is not there. I wonder why the email showed up? Someone is screwing with me…rolls eyes…

Just in case you’ve missed it, here’s the blurb for Echoes of Us 

Blurb: Most people think falling in love is a wonderful thing. For Rylan Blake, love only complicates his life. After a disastrous tip home, Rylan and his best friend, Maggie, head back to Chicago to meet their new roommate, Jade Marin, and prepare for their final year of college.

 Love is the last think Rylan expects when he meets Jade. But as the two men get to know each other and discover their mutual love of music, friendship becomes more. They compose songs and, at Maggie’s urging, post their work on YouTube-where the videos go viral and a music producer discovers them.

But hitting it big isn’t always a good thing, especially when it comes with a price. When Rylan and Jade sign a deal with a big music company, they’re ordered to hide their relationship from the public and take fake girlfriends. At first, it’s a game, but as their fame grows, Rylan feels forced to choose: Does he stay and live a lie, or does he walk away from a life of fame-and from Jade?

So, in the other words, the book is about music. No matter what I write, there is always music that influences the story. I usually have a playlist for each story. I use music to write difficult scenes, to bring certain emotions to the surface. It’s a simple way for me to get into whatever mood I need.

The initial spark for Echoes of Us was from a song called “Uncover” by Zara Larsson.  A particular line in the song set the story on fire. We are a secret, can’t be exposed.

The first time Rylan hears Jade sing, it’s a song I’m sure everyone has heard by some artist. For this story, I used the version of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Michael Buble, and I enjoy the odd version by Lick the Tins (it’s from the movie Some Kind of Wonderful) Jade also sings “Stars” by Grace Potter & the Nocturnals.

One of the characters is actually named after a song. Maggie Mae, Rylan’s best friend, is named after the Rod Stewart song “Maggie May.” The characters sang the songs mentioned above, these next few songs were used to evoke emotions when writing a particular scene

Sad by Maroon 5

Secrets by OneRepublic

Take It All by Adele

Tangled Up In You by Staind

And So It Goes by Billy Joel

 Music will always be a huge part of my writing. It inspires, it sparks, and it moves me. 

Xo Teegan 

This is it…the last day


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