The ‘I Am Thankful’ Post




It’s almost Thanksgiving and I needed a break from my NANO project for a few minutes. I’m getting close to the 50k even if the words are all mixed up and in need of serious editing. I can start that project on December 1st.

So on this little break, I decided I should do a thankful post. So bear with me: I am thankful for my real life family and friends. I am thankful for my online friends who accept me for who I am and offer a cheer or two when things aren’t going how I want them to, which seems to be a lot of times lately…lol…I am thankful for my mini, even if sometimes, she so much like me that I’d like to pull my hair out by the roots. I’m thankful for my fur babies, especially Zoey who always sits next to me when I write. I am thankful for the voices in my head who are sometimes loud and overbearing until I tell their stories.  I am thankful for my readers who take the time to read my books and whether you like the stories or not, you have read my words and I am grateful. Ten days ago, Echoes of Us was released and I hope you find the time to check out the story. 

And whether you celebrate the holiday or not, may you find something to be thankful for…

Xo Teegan 


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