I know it’s only Wednesday, but I would like to request a do-over for this week.

!. My TV blew up…literally. Big Boom and everything.

2. I completed the 50k for NANO, but didn’t upload the words to be verified mainly because I couldn’t decide how I wanted to write the story. I have now settled on writing in chronological order instead of using flashbacks. So I’m staring at two documents each with about 26k written. Maybe this is a good thing but I’m feeling totally overwhelmed and I don’t have a title for the stories. Never happened before. I always know the title. 

3. My kid lost her retainer after just two days…this one does have a happy ending. Grandpa dug through garbage at school and actually found the thing. 

4. I had to issue a take-down notice after I found one of my books listed on a pirate site. The rights were returned to me so it was left up to me to send the notice. Does this mean I can add badass lawyer to my resume. Guess I need to wait until the book is taken off the pirate site. 

5. It’s been snowing…all day 

6. I haven’t written anything today

7. It’s official…today has just been strange…I just opened an email and Frozen Hearts is going to be released by Dreamspinner Press with an added 20k to plump up the original story. This is a great thing…I mean, it will be a great thing when I add the extra words by February 1st.
8. it’s still snowing.
9. Still haven’t figured out how to hook up the Wii to the new TV…I think I need a different cord.
10. This day wore me out. I believe I need a good cry so I’m going to finish watching the movie Rudy.
Xo Teegan

MiXed UP CraZY DAy


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