When in Doubt…Follow the Signs


Sign. Signs.

Everywhere there’s signs 

Fucking up the scenery 

Breaking my mind. 

Er, yeah…Rock on…and just to be clear…I like the Tesla version best. And yes, I know the rock purists are going to throw crap at me. But that’s okay, I take a lot of shit for my taste in music. Hahahahaha… 



Damn big picture again…I need to figure that size thing out…bwahahaha… Anyway, the question of the moment is do you believe in signs. Whenever I’m writing a story, I find myself freaking out, wondering if it’s good enough, if it’s worth telling the story. What astounds me is when I’m really teetering on the edge, a sign shows up and I know it’s right to continue with the story. The other day a person going by the name of Jae followed me on one of social media sites. Jae is the nickname of my main character. Tonight, as I’m watching CSI, the story is about a tennis player. The love of my main character is a tennis player, shooting to become a pro. Noticing these small signs make me excited to continue the story. So, in between all the writing deadlines I’m currently juggling, I’m going to keep plodding along with my pop star and tennis boy story. 

And, if you feel like it, tell me your superstitions. Do you experience the Sign thing. 


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