Coming Soon … PICKS & PUCKS


Jeesh, I haven’t blogged since December 19… not good. Guess I haven’t had much to blog about, but today, I do. Today, I’m telling everyone Picks & Pucks is up for pre-order on the Dreamspinner website. Cool. 

Rising men’s figure skating star, Justin Corrin, is coming home to train for the upcoming season and face his demons. The last thing Justin needs is to fall in love with a hockey player. Instead of getting rid of his demons, Justin is collecting more. He tries desperately to control his growing feelings for CJ Daly, but finds being with CJ keeps his nightmares away.

Justin isn’t the only one with problems, and hidden fears and secrets threaten to separate the two. With the pressure mounting, CJ starts to pull away, and Justin doesn’t know why. His skating suffers, and he decides to stop wasting his time on love and focus on winning the nationals.

If Justin can destroy his demons, he might have a chance for happiness on and off the ice. But if the demons win, Justin’s life could be ruined.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be blogging about Picks & Pucks, both here and on other blogs. There will be giveaways and fun facts about figure skating and hockey. You’ll get to meet Justin, CJ, and Danny. We’ll talk about the music Justin skates too, and the music that inspired the story. It will be an interesting few weeks. Picks & Pucks will be released on April 21, 2014. 

Xo, Teegan 



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