Naming A Book


For the first time, I’m writing a novel that has no title. Actually it’s slated to be tow novels. There’s not even a working title…unless you count, tennis boy and pop star – high school, a title. I don’t. The second book has the wonderful title of tennis boy and pop star. It’s driving me crazy.

My book coming out on April 21 started as a title. After I had Picks & Pucks, I wrote the 82k words. Echoes of Us was similar. I was messing around with some fake song titles and boom, there was my title. Frozen Hearts, which is coming out in August 2104, also popped into my head as I was picking character names.

I currently have close to 90k words written for the two unnamed books. I’ve tried reading stuff about tennis and music. My mini plays tennis, so I’ve spent countless hours, sitting in the gym watching little yellow balls bounce off tennis rackets. It hasn’t sparked a title. I’ve looked at pictures of my boys, thought about the location of the story, and now I’m writing in blog in desperate hope that something will explode in my brain. So far, nothing… 



My tennis boy ~ If you have anything…post a comment. Who knows, you might name a book… or two… 

Xo Teegan 


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