Speak up…I was at a concert last night


My ears are still ringing and my bones ache from standing at the R5 concert. I swear several times during the show, my entire bone structure rattled. God, I love live music. Way back in November, Dreamspinner released a book I wrote called Echoes of Us. It’s about making it in the music business. Even though I wrote the book because I adore music. I forgot how much I love to hear it live.

Sometimes we get caught up in the mundane chores of every day life, and we forget to have fun. Last night reminded me that you only live once and having fun is a fantastic thing. My mini was allowed to stand up by the stage. I stayed in the third row with the other parents, even though my kid tried to convince me to come with her to hang on the stage. Been there, done that, I told her. It’s your time now. But when the music thumped in my chest, the beat brought me to my feet. The rest of the people surrounding me, stayed seated. No, just no. I don’t care if I’m 923 years old. If I can still dance, I’m going to do it.
Oh, and because I was the only one standing in my section. I caught a guitar pick. Not sure if it was Ross or Rocky’s pick. My mini insists it was Ross. IMG_1826
Find your Joy & Dance like you don’t give a Fuck!
Xo Teegan


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