The Completed Quest


Well, that was an adventure. I love hockey. I love watching hockey. I love skating. And I love to write about the guys who play hockey. I believe this adventure has inspired me to write the sequel to Frozen Hearts. Check out Frozen Hearts which is available for pre-sale at Dreamspinner

Now back to the quest. Got in line and stood. The first half hour no movement was recorded. Except for the two tiny children racing around and squealing. We knew the cup showed up when a loud roar came from inside the arena. We stood in the sun, melting. One hour later, we were in the lobby of the arena and air-conditioning…I got my first glimpse and internalized my loud squeal. Half an hour later of winding through ropes, I got my four seconds with the cup. IMG_2140

And yes, both the mini and me need a freaking haircut!

xo Teegan


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