Musings from a One Direction Concert


I recently attended a One Direction concert. Here are some of my observations.
Harry is HOT. Like off-the-charts Hot.
I loved the show, except toward the end when Louis hit such a sour note I wanted to scream STOP! He was so off-key it was awful. Shut the mic off awful! Sorry Lou, but it was BAD.
The time between Icona Pop and One Direction was too long.
Girls need to invest in a mirror and learn what sexy is. Sexy is NOT wearing a dress so short that if you move your underwear is on view for everyone to see. Wearing clothing that is way too small is NOT sexy. Letting your asscheeks hang out your shorts is NOT sexy. And one of the weirdest trends….dying your lovely hair gray. That will happen soon enough naturally, enjoy your color while you still have it.
Liam can really sing! He was wonderful. IMG_2977
I would love to have a pint with Niall. The guy looks like he is genuinely having a great time and enjoying life. IMG_2932
IN conclusion, I amassed a ton of ideas for my writing. Getting out and experiencing life is good for a creative person. One time I went to a concert and came back with an idea for a book called Echoes of Us. I wonder what book will come from the OTRA concert?
Xo Teegan


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