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Be Still


One of the most common questions an author gets asked is where did the idea for your story come from. I know exactly how the idea for Frozen Hearts happened.

I listen to a lot of music and one night, I stumbled upon a track by The Fray called Be Still. The moment the haunting music started an idea formed in my head.I listened to the song again and the story idea roared. I grabbed my computer and started to write the almost end of a story.

Even to this day, when the music starts, I’m whisked back to the experience of writing that heart wrenching scene. I hope I did the song justice. And maybe I wrote the scene so well that the reader will know exactly where the song fits.

And if you go through the valley
And the shadow comes down from the hill
If morning never comes to be

Be still be still be still


Frozen Hearts is available for pre-order at Dreamspinner & Amazon

I hope you enjoy the book as much as I loved writing the story.

Xo, Teegan


The Completed Quest


Well, that was an adventure. I love hockey. I love watching hockey. I love skating. And I love to write about the guys who play hockey. I believe this adventure has inspired me to write the sequel to Frozen Hearts. Check out Frozen Hearts which is available for pre-sale at Dreamspinner

Now back to the quest. Got in line and stood. The first half hour no movement was recorded. Except for the two tiny children racing around and squealing. We knew the cup showed up when a loud roar came from inside the arena. We stood in the sun, melting. One hour later, we were in the lobby of the arena and air-conditioning…I got my first glimpse and internalized my loud squeal. Half an hour later of winding through ropes, I got my four seconds with the cup. IMG_2140

And yes, both the mini and me need a freaking haircut!

xo Teegan


I know it’s only Wednesday, but I would like to request a do-over for this week.

!. My TV blew up…literally. Big Boom and everything.

2. I completed the 50k for NANO, but didn’t upload the words to be verified mainly because I couldn’t decide how I wanted to write the story. I have now settled on writing in chronological order instead of using flashbacks. So I’m staring at two documents each with about 26k written. Maybe this is a good thing but I’m feeling totally overwhelmed and I don’t have a title for the stories. Never happened before. I always know the title. 

3. My kid lost her retainer after just two days…this one does have a happy ending. Grandpa dug through garbage at school and actually found the thing. 

4. I had to issue a take-down notice after I found one of my books listed on a pirate site. The rights were returned to me so it was left up to me to send the notice. Does this mean I can add badass lawyer to my resume. Guess I need to wait until the book is taken off the pirate site. 

5. It’s been snowing…all day 

6. I haven’t written anything today

7. It’s official…today has just been strange…I just opened an email and Frozen Hearts is going to be released by Dreamspinner Press with an added 20k to plump up the original story. This is a great thing…I mean, it will be a great thing when I add the extra words by February 1st.
8. it’s still snowing.
9. Still haven’t figured out how to hook up the Wii to the new TV…I think I need a different cord.
10. This day wore me out. I believe I need a good cry so I’m going to finish watching the movie Rudy.
Xo Teegan

MiXed UP CraZY DAy

words are not the enemy….are you sure?


Once again I have been remiss in my blogging duties. Since I finished Echoes of Us and sent it off for evaluation from the powers of the publishing world, the written word has become my enemy. Don’t really now why. Maybe it’s the stress of waiting to see if the new story will get published? Whatever it is, it’s a pain in the ass.

The words haven’t completely disappeared, but it’s a f*cking struggle to get them to come out. Even this short entry is fighting with me. I feel like I’m rambling. My thoughts jump around and pull in me in six different directions. I’m not sure what I should write about. I’ve been complaining about my lack of focus, but I have managed to write almost 10k in a short story with a limit of 20k…that’s half a story. Of course, as I’m writing it, I’m thinking it’s total crap, which pisses me off, causing me to open another document.

The other day I actually tapped out a short outline of for Frozen Hearts 2 as I was working out on the stationary bike. It’s an interesting story line, but I don’t know how I would handle the professional hockey scene. Would I make up fake pro teams or not identify specific teams? What a PIA. Still not positive I want to write a sequel to that story. Some days, I’m not sure if I want to share another story with the public.

In one of my writing groups, our assignment was to set the work aside and do something else creative. It was suggested that creating something besides a story might help rev up the juices again. Yeah, I’m ready to try anything. I worked on some jewelry and allowed myself to read. I’m not sure if it worked, but I have a really cool bracelet and necklace. And I read TJ Klunes’s Bear, Otter and the Kid and the second book, Who We Are. If you haven’t read them, I recommend them.

And that’s all the rambling I have tonight…

Xo Teegan


Writing the ‘Almost End’


I originally wrote a long column about reviews and how they are f*cking with my head. I decided to delete it and start over because it sounded like I was whining. Maybe I was, but I know, that no matter what I write, not everyone is going to like it. The most important thing is that like it. If I start trying to write for other people, I’ll fail miserably. Don’t get me wrong, reviews can be wonderful, inspiring and magnificent and I am thankful people actually take the time to write a review.

Let’s chat about something else. Granted I’ve been rather scattered this week, but I do have new projects sitting open on my laptop. Currently, I have three different stories open. Sounds a bit crazy, but today, I wrote the ‘almost end’ for a new story I recently started. It got me excited. I wrote Frozen Hearts like that. I started messing around with the idea of hockey boys and bam, the ‘almost end’ came about and soon there was an entire story.

Right now, I have a manuscript with one of my betas. That story happened when I had an idea to write about music boys. I created the characters and one day, I wrote the ‘almost end’ and before I knew it, I had written over 76k. Can you tell I’m not one for outlining. I’ve tried it. It doesn’t work for me. Apparently writing the ‘almost end’ is my way of outlining. It’s an interesting journey to get the characters to the almost end.

For me, it’s always weird to be at the beginning of the story because those self-doubts show up and I start to wonder if this story will be good enough. I think this week has taught me that it will never be good enough. Someone will always find something wrong with it, but if I love the story, then that should be good enough.

Xo Teegan


For love of an outdoor rink


Frozen Hearts is officially available on the Silver website. To say I’m pleased would be quite an understatement. It’s been a strange journey. I wrote the book last year, signed a contract in Sept of 2012 and the book was released on March 2, 2013. In between, I wrote three short stories,  and one novel, which is currently in the hands of one of my beta readers. I also have a couple other novels in the works. In reality, I haven’t really thought about Erik and Tyce. Well, the book has been out less than two days and a few people have started asking and commenting about a sequel. I can honestly say, I’ve never even given it a thought? Until now…only time will tell if I decide to continue the saga of Erik and Tyce.


For those who have read the story, this is a special place for Erik and Tyce.

If you’ve never skated outdoors, you don’t know what you’re missing. I was one of those lucky kids who had a mom and dad who built a rink in our backyard. We even had a light perched in a tree so we could skate at night.

Xo Teegan

What’s Next


So, Frozen Hearts releases in a few days and I just sent off Echoes of Us to a beta. That means I’m trying to decide what project is next for me. I’ve been playing around with a vampire idea for a short story. I haven’t written paranormal for a while. I can feel it tugging me back. BUT I also have young adult story that is almost complete. The thing is sitting at 52k. I figure it needs another 30k and it would be finished. OR I could go back to my other young adult, because apparently now, 19 yr olds exist in writing. The powers that be have created a category called New Adult. OR I have a loose layout for a another novel that takes place on the ice again. OR I could just stare at pretty pics on my computer screen. It’s good to have ideas and projects waiting in the wings, but now I need to figure out which one is calling to be written. Maybe I should just throw all the stories in a hat and pick one. How do you decide what to write next? Or what do you want to read next?
Xo Teegan
I’ll be spending the day deciding. I’ll let you know my decision. Unless anyone has suggestions. pencil